Livy: A Love Story

Livy orchid cover 14 Dec 15A soul full of light, another of dark bitterness – can two such different people find their happiness together?

Livy arrives on the plantation angry and resentful that she was sold off from the only home she has known, her family left behind, never to be seen again. The first time she sees Zeb, she sneers to see a slave working in the hot sun who smiles from sunup to sundown. He finds his slavery tolerable? Livy will never accept it. No matter that Zeb’s sweet spirit draws her, she will be free whatever it takes.

Zeb is smitten by Livy the first time he sees her, but it’s a challenge to even get her to say good morning. Brought up to find happiness and hope in every day, he begins his campaign to win her, his easy-going manner never faltering – until slavery’s big boot crushes the spirit of his niece Faith, the child he loves as if she were his own. Even if it means he can’t have Livy, he has to save Faith from the cruel drudgery assigned to her.

From different paths, Zeb, Livy, and Faith arrive at the safe haven hidden in the swamps, a place of wild flowers and abundance. But like the first Eden, Orchid Island harbors treachery and heartache. Leaving their refuge behind, Zeb and Livy and their new family begin the journey to their true heaven-on-earth.

Now available in paperback, Kindle e-book, and Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.


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