The New Hope Series

Gretchen’s newest series is set among the early settlers of French Louisiana.


Book I: Here Will I Remain

     “She’s waking up.”
Catherine opened her eyes to see three ragged women hovering over her.
“Take some water,” one of them said.
Catherine shoved the cup aside, afraid she’d be sick. The floor rocked. The air smelled of the sea. She clambered to her feet, staggering, and fought the panic threatening to overwhelm her. He’d put her aboard a ship.

     Unlike the other women aboard ship, Catherine de Villeroy had assumed Fate intended her to live an aristocratic life of ease and luxury. Instead she is transported to a fetid jungle to be tied to a secretive stranger who reeks of pigs.
Catherine’s shipmate Marie Claude has had few expectations in life, and even they have been disappointed. When her only options become prostitution or starvation, Fate decrees she will become the wife of a stranger in a strange land. Even if her new husband is a cruel man, how can life not be better in this rough paradise of alligators and wild orchids?
     Agnes expected a life spent in her father’s bookstore, perhaps married to a gentle, scholarly man. Betrayed and ruined, Agnes retreats into herself and hardly notices when she is transported to Louisiana. Married to a stranger who desires only an amenable bed partner, Agnes strives to stay present in her new life and to explore what more Fate allows a ruined woman.

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Book 2: Coming Summer 2017.