Crimson Sky

CrimsonSky_eBook strokeZia would face an enemy’s sword to protect her infant son, but she learns her battle to save him requires more than physical courage. Her attraction to the Spanish conquistador leads to the most difficult choice of her life. Is his love worth abandoning her religion, her culture, and her very identity? Diego Ortiz has yearned for a home and a family. When he meets a beautiful woman of the pueblos, he offers her not only protection for her child and herself, but also his everlasting love. TapanAshka, ambushed in the forest, challenges death itself to achieve his two heart’s desires – finding home, and exacting revenge against his greatest enemy, the Spaniard Diego Ortiz.

With sensitivity and depth, Gretchen Craig explores the clash of cultures in 1598 New Mexico.  The Spanish bring new crops, animals, tools – and weapons.  Facing drought and murdering marauders, the people of the pueblos strive to find a balance between submission to and resistance against the powerful invaders.

Now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

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  1. Interesting post! I really wasnt conscious of this. Its refreshing to read simple things because I am so disappointed when writers put no thought into their work. Question a talented to know what youre covering. Ill definitely visit again!

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