Theena’s Landing

theena-beach-sunset-cover-16-mar-2015Long before roads or automobiles or window screens, the Theophilus sisters live along the Miami River with the gators and the gnats, the heat and the sand.
Each must choose her path out of poverty and solitude, all their ramshackle home on the edge of the Everglades has to offer.

Dite, the great beauty of the southeast coast of Florida, means to win her way out of the punishing tropical sun by snaring a rich yachtsman, any rich yachtsman. Hera finds her true love in Jack, a conch as noble as any duke across the seas.

And Theena, the most vulnerable of all, struggles to reconcile her feelings for Billy, a Seminole, Jack, who is forbidden to her, and Randolph, the man who could offer her the security she craves.

Now available in paperback, Kindle ebook, and Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.


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