Short Story Collections

cr-for-blog-oct-2016The Color of the Rose is a collection of three short stories. Two, “The Color of the Rose” and “Afternoon Tea,” feature the character Cleo from Gretchen’s first novel, Always and Forever. In these stories, Cleo has not yet grown into the young woman of the later works, but is still a child struggling to forge an identity of strength and dignity in spite of her status as a slave in Old Louisiana. The third tale, “Afternoon Heat,” is set in the Great Depression. It’s a story of loneliness and need, and ultimately, of love.  Also included in the collection is a bonus section featuring Chapter 1 of Gretchen’s novel of the early West, Crimson Sky. Available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.


Bayou new final Deep in the backwaters of Louisiana, ancient cypress trees soar into the sky. Light pierces the canopy in rays as thick and straight as the columns in some mighty, majestic cathedral. It’s quiet in the swamps, only the sounds of birds or the grunts of frogs and gators punctuating the silence. In this sanctuary, as still as death, troubled hearts search for solace. These three stories are about tormented souls drawn to the bayou in search of peace and consolation. Currently OUT OF PRINT.



LFL final cover big

Five short stories of light-hearted romance sure to make you smile. From a determined bachelorette to a randy puppy dog, everybody is Lookin for Luv.

Bayou Bachelorette
An Uneven Match
The One
Love Notes
Bayou Betty Rose

Currently OUT OF PRINT.


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